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General Domain Information
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What exactly is a domain name? It's a the name you type into your browser to get to a site. The name for example is converted into an IP address of digits, like You buy the domain name, decide how many years to pay for and it's yours permanently.  It's not like a redirector, but rather a permanent name that will always get to your site.   What domain name can I choose? You can choose any name that hasn't been taken. You also choose the ending - .com, .org or .net. The name is always lower case and can be up to 63 characters long . You can include numbers and dashes.   If I buy, what support do I get? You get all the support you need! The Domain Name Help Desk company provides 24 hour a day email support. Contact them at Or you can write to me,here and if I can't answer your question I'll forward your note to the Help Desk.   This isn't some NameZero type setup is it, where they own the domain and you use it? No way. As I said earlier, you become the legal owner of the domain name. It's yours to keep. You can do what you like with it, including resell it.   What about all this NIC handle stuff that Internic used to ask? The good news is that if you buy through PM Development, all the complicated Internic stuff you used to have to put up with is out the window. Just give yourself a username and password and you've got full control of managing your domain. You don't have to provide DNS information, IP addresses or any other technical information when you apply. This is so easy! All you need to give is a username and password, and this will let you manage your domain.
Gen Domain Info