PM Development also offers Web Site hosting for your newly created web site,  or could host your existing site if you so wish. Prices start at $20.00 per month for 100 MB of Web space, plus a one time $25.00 setup fee. Full Domain support is offered, which would allow you to have as your web address and as your email address.  Here are just a few of the many features you will enjoy when hosting with PM Development. Domain Name Registration. If you would like to have your own unique web address, we can register your chosen domain name (e.g. with InterNIC for you free of charge. We can also transfer existing domain names from other hosts for you. You will be responsible for paying Network Solutions the registration fee for the first two years for the usage of the name. Prices vary, and we will locate the best possible price for you that we can. POP3 Email Account. With POP3 email accounts, you can retrieve all emails addressed to your domain on our server. With multiple POP3 email boxes, you can have multiple addresses, such as, to your domain etc. You may also set up addresses for members of your staff, or divisions within your company, such as or Web Site Traffic. Whenever there is any outbound traffic from a web site, with the exception of e-mail, it is considered data transfer. For example, each time a web page, image, midi file, mpeg video, etc. is loaded, data transfer is generated. All of our plans include unlimited web site traffic allowance. Email Forwarding. Email forwarding feature, which enables you to forward emails sent to various addresses to one specific email box, in included in all of our hosting plans. You can consolidate all emails, business and personal, to say your personal mailbox at your local Internet Service Provider so that you can retrieve them all from one location. Autoresponder: Autoresponder is email address setup so that whenever it receives email, it automatically replies with a prepared response. Great business tool! Tell your customers "send email to if you'd like to receive our price list" - and the price list can be sent to their email box automatically without your intervention. Copy of your client's request can also be sent to your email address for you to follow up. E-mail Alias With virtual domain comes email alias. All email addressed to will be delivered to your email box. You can use this feature to provide your customers with a variety of addresses to send their email to, which in turn could help you sort out your incoming messages. You could have for general questions, for orders and more. Redundant Backbone Connection. We are redundantly connected to the Internet backbone via UUNET, the largest Internet Service Provider in the world. This means speed and reliability should not be a concern of yours. SSL Server. To provide security and privacy for your customers interested in online commerce, you can take advantage of our Secure Socket Layer server. This way personal data such as credit card information submitted through a secure form are encrypted en route to our secure server.
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